Samantha – file server

One old(ish) midi-tower uATX case. Requirement for one quiet file server. Enter a fanless Asus uATX motherboard with 5 onboard SATA 6Gb/s ports. Mix dremel cutting disc and tinsnips with midi-tower case, add a few extra holes and a few rivets. Take a good look at your nice new smaller uATX server case, with space for upto 6 3.5″ HDDs. Enjoy.

Detailed specs

  • Motherboard: Asus E35M1-M
  • RAM: 2GB DDR3 – with only a minimal Debian install this is masses
  • HDDs: 3 internal 3.5″ 1TB drives – 2 Seagate, 1 Western Digital (mostly from my desktop)
  • OS: Debian – from the unoffical netboot CD with extra firmware for network cards to get gigabit to work
  • Management: Webmin, web management for linux servers – it lets you mix working with it and the config files without problems
  • Boot drive: 4GB TDK USB drive from Tesco!
  • 90w PicoPSU – probably more than is needed, leaves room for more HDDs

Mistakes: not drilling holes for power switch mounting and 12v power input for the PicoPSU before installing anything else like motherboards which don’t like metal filings on them!

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  1. John Moss says:

    Pete, please write something new ! Love John. Julietas boyfriend.

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