sipXecs – uncharted territory

sipXecs is an open source PBX server built on Freeswitch for the core of it’s SIP functionality.

To explain: SIP is the industry standard for VoIP systems, which allow you to have a telephone system (amoungst other things!) that operates over a computer network.

However, due to a long and somewhat rocky path, the documentation is slightly odd. The project currently lives at SIPfoundry, with the downloads hidden on a page with nothing in common with the rest of the site, and ISOs hidden one folder deep, (see
here). Fortunatly this is easier to get to from the other useful location, the sipXecs wiki.

But before you simply assume that SIPfoundry is the latest company to own the copyrights and trademarks, it simply isn’t this simple. SIPfoundry is actually a non-profit organsiation setup by the orginal commercial creators of sipXecs. But of course, they have been bought and sold a few times, and now are sponsored by eZune, a company formed by members of the community and some of the orginal engineers who started the project off. eZune now provides commerical support.

But enough of that. Sadly, there are parts of sipXecs which are less than ideally documented, but most of it is simply rather hard to find. Like how to set up your Windows based DNS server you happen to already have and which are intergrated into somewhat complex things like Active Directory and exchange, to play nicely with SIP and autoconfiguring phones,which honestly is rather cool. Based on netbooting protocols, it does need seveal changes to make it all work.

Fortunatly, buried under what feels like 4 million links, there is a really quite good PDF on the DNS configration! Do note, that it states it was written back in 2007. Windows DNS setup for sipXecs

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