Benefits for moving to IPv6

  • Public IP addresses for all computers on your network

    All your computers will be given public IP addresses, which has numerous benefits, including:

    • Access identification. e.g. GMail shows which IP addresses have and are accessing your email. With IPv4 it would simply show your external IPv4 address. With IPv6 it gives your public IP address, unique to a single computer, not just your internet connection.
    • Run as many servers, running anything you like, on any port. As each machine has it own public IP, each has a full set of ports for running servers on, so 5 webservers all on port 80 is easy, or just simplicity in setting up SSH or similar remote access to all your machines.
  • No need to set up special internal routes for webservers you host internally but are external available.

    As you aren’t using seperate public and private (or internal and external) IP addresses, the address the domain name needs to resolve to is the same, unlike in IPv4, where often you needed one answer for people within your network, and one for people outside.

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